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Co-Founder & CEO

In 2004 I got back to making websites and founded a digital production company. We didn’t start in a garage but shared a tiny room in downtown St-Pete with another small business. The company made over a million in our third year and employed 50 people. Focused on the function of design rather than aesthetics and visual effects, we made the best professional websites. We charged more than we could have dared when we started. We were also among the first companies to offer content optimisation in readability and search engine ranking, usability and A/B testing. All the fancy ideas that became staples of Internet marketing today.

One aspect I enjoyed back in 2004-2008 was working with professionals more capable, more talented, and more intelligent than me. I didn’t touch the code ever since I switched to clients and investors. Quite often, though, I thought that I’d rather be writing, designing, and building things. To learn and grow instead of hustling around. The other fantastic aspect of mid-noughtys was my connection to the electronic music scene. The underground clubs, outdoor festivals, and immediate access to one of the largest high-res recording collections of progressive, ambient, and intelligent-dance music in the World that my company maintained. My semi-private Sean Parker experience.

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