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Gurdjieff and Kundabuffer

teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff who grew up in the Caucasus region of the Russian steppes and explored the Essene and Sufi traditions in central Asia, Tibet, as a young man. Gurdjieff cautioned his followers and students to avoid over-involvement with ordinary culture (political movements, social activism). In his view, the advancement of civilization was an endeavor of only minimal and temporary productivity that served mainly to distract people from their real work on themselves through development of their consciousness.

In the metaphysical story Gurdjieff told in his book, All and Everything: Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson, the cause of collective human insanity was ascribed to a “cosmic catastrophe”, the implantation of what Gurdjieff called “the organ Kundabuffer,” (the myth he borrows in Gnosticism) which anesthetized human and made us permanently insane as a side effect .. that continues to this day. Gurdjieff’s opinion was that we should try to improve life on earth or in society and civilization but to focus all our efforts toward recovering our sanity by working on ourselves as individuals to heal or correct the damage to our consciousness

Gurdjieff movements, Jeanne de Salzmann, Konya Mystic Music Festival, December, Turkey